Bicycle and Component shortages set to continue

September 06, 2021
Curbside Bicycle Shortage

The most asked questions in the shop recently are: Why are we short on bikes? Why can’t I order a bike?  Why don’t you have the parts to fix my bike?

So, grab a beverage and let me tell you the story of COVID-19 and how it’s effected the cycle industry. Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the bike industry has been hit hard by huge demands on bikes and components, with cycling being a great alternative due to the closure of gyms and restrictions of exercise, the cycle industry just can’t keep up with demand.

Also, what needs to be remembered is when countries went into lockdown this meant that factories and mines had to close. This caused the raw materials to be in high demand and pushed prices up. Add to this other world issues such as the container ship blocking the Suez Canal, shipping container prices have soared in cost and caused further shortages due to containers being left behind in ports so that ships can’t keep their tight schedules. Brexit isn’t helping either, causing import delays between Europe, the UK and Guernsey, meaning that suppliers struggle to give us definitive dates of when products will arrive.

From the rumours we hear in the cycling industry it will take at least three to four years to recover and be back to some normality.

As the saying goes “Keep calm and carry on”, remember at the end of the day the current situation in Guernsey could be much worse, or we could even be in another lock down.  Please bear with us and be understanding when we give you long waiting times for parts, service times or bike availabilities. We, as ever, are doing our best to navigate this ever-increasing nightmare.