Bosch or Shimano driven electric bikes

April 11, 2018

What is a Bosch or Shimano driven electric bike?

When we talk about a crank-driven electric bike we refer to the motor unit itself. Unlike the entry-level range, which have their motors in the rear wheel, the Bosch/Shimano drive unit is located in the crank area, right between your feet!

What does this mean for the rider? Primarily, a crank-driven systems delivers instant power. These motors utilise a torque sensor which responds to even the slightest pressure upon the pedals. This activates the motor assist, immediately and seamlessly transitioning between pure pedal power and electric-assisted pedalling, helping you whizz up those hills!

Additionally, you see a dramatic increase in millage compared to the entry-level range. Our tests of the Scott E-Sub Active, wielding a Bosch Active motor, gave an average of 40-45 miles off a full charge in turbo mode. Some of our customers are seeing up to 60 miles from a single charge, this is by using the assistance primarily on hills whilst running an ‘eco’ mode on flat and downhill sections.

With four modes to chose from, you can determine how much assistance the electric motor provides so you are fully in control of your electric support. Crank-driven systems all come with easy-to-operate and highly legible display units which provide a range of on-the-fly information from rolling speed to estimated range left on your charge.

The best thing about crank-driven systems is the overall performance and the edge they hold over the inferior systems. All things considered, the Bosch and Shimano systems are well worth the extra cost, as they make for a phenomenal e-bike experience with unparalleled mobility for everyday use.

The proof is in the pudding, if you fancy a test ride we encourage you to come by the shop and try our range of demo e-bikes!

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