Quality products that are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
GT was first started in 1972 by Gary Turner, one of his first designs was the BMX race bikes that he welded himself. From the offset the frame was a great success and went on to great success with great wins to prove the frame. The first GT mountain bike was released in 1987 this was the first time we saw the well-known triple triangle design which is still used today, following the newly designed Independent Drivetrain frames the Atherton’s have capitalised on this to pull out some outstanding results in the 2013 season. For us at Adventure Cycles GT has always been the favoured mountain bike to own due to the unique triple triangle design.
Simple frame and design yet very versatile; starting life in the hills of North Somerset by a group of passionate engineers and designers the Charge brand is very British and produces some very innovative designs for both the commuter and enthusiasts. With the benefit of a simple design the brand make purchasing a bike easy and enjoyable. From the beginning in 2006 Charge bikes have been a firm favourite of ours due to the strong steel frames and building a single speed specific mountain bike which is ideal for Guernsey winter riding.
Along with the revamp of the store we have also re-enlisted the Scott dealership. We needed a strong road and mountain bike brand and for this Scott ticks all the right boxes. Scott started back in 1958 producing ski equipment then eventually releasing the first mountain bike in 1986, shortly after they produced the first aero bar for road bikes which allowed American Greg Lemond to win the Tour de France in 1989. Then in 1998 Scott again pushed the boundaries of frame design to release a full carbon soft tail mountain bike, today both of us still have this frame which we still love to ride. We are very happy to have the Scott range as the road and mountain bike options available are very competitive not only in alloy but also carbon.
Ridgeback is a long standing British company that not only caters for our kid’s range of bikes but also has a huge range of commuter bikes for all prices, since they first started building bikes in 1983 for the UK market they have always been at the forefront of innovation and quality for the commuter rider as well as child bikes. Having celebrated their 25th anniversary they still push the boundaries to found the perfect balance of price with design. The child’s range of bikes are very competitive and cater for all abilities, with the recent release of the balance bike range the bike is designed to teach balance from the very start so as to bypass the stabiliser option.


Being another great British brand they design, manufacture and produce some of the best electric bikes out in the market today. They concentrate on mainly the mid to high end range of electric bikes utilising the best technology available along with the highest quality materials such as strong aviation alloys, they build robust, lightweight and resilient bikes to handle the modern day needs.So why chose an electric bike you ask, with the needs of the commuter cyclist these days it is important be aware of the amount you perspire if riding to the office. With the benefit of not only a throttle but pedal assistance you can achieve both your daily exercise and feel good factor from not further draining the limited car park spaces available on the island.


In 2002 Mike Horne had a vision to create a new Australian Scooter brand for solely Australian kids. After the huge success of the brand and the demand from riders in Europe and the US in 2010 the brand MGP went global. One of MGP key elements is that they listen to their pro team riders and the average Joe on what tweaks need to be made to their products to make them better, with this element they are one of the top Scooter brands to watch out for in new technology.